What Businesses Need to Know About Facebook Timeline for Pages

March 21, 2012

Content note: While this blog post is outdated, it still offers valuable insights into past sales and marketing trends. For the latest strategies and up-to-date information, we encourage you to explore our newer posts on the ever-evolving landscape of sales and marketing.

On March 30th, Facebook will switch all business pages to the ‘timeline’ layout that was rolled out to personal pages last month. There are some changes in the way this layout presents information that we want to make sure you know about. As the timeline layout suggests, your page will now represent a timeline of your business. This is a great opportunity to include milestones relating to your history, including the year you were founded, expansion efforts, new hires, and more! To create a new milestone on your timeline, create a post and click “Milestone” instead of “Status”.

You will also have another opportunity to use Facebook for customer service as fans are given the ability to send a message privately to your company page. You will not be able to initiate a private message, only respond to customers who have contacted you.

Facebook Business TimelineThis new Facebook layout may seem intimidating at first but offers many tools to enhance marketing efforts for your business. Not sure where to start?  Remember, with this new Facebook platform, pictures are more prominent than ever. The first time someone visits your page, your 851 x315 photo is the first item to catch their eye. Make it a great picture that accurately describes the brand and story you are trying to portray for your business.

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