FourSquare For Business

February 19, 2013

Content note: While this blog post is outdated, it still offers valuable insights into past sales and marketing trends. For the latest strategies and up-to-date information, we encourage you to explore our newer posts on the ever-evolving landscape of sales and marketing.

Looking for that great Thai restaurant in town, but don’t know which one to pick? Tough decision, but, like most things in life today, there’s an app for that. And it’s called FourSquare.
If you’re unfamiliar with FourSquare, you’re really missing out on an easy way to find the best restaurants, art galleries, stores, museums, and nightspots – to name a few. You know they’re the best, because FourSquare selections are based not only on what your friends think, but also on expert opinion.

FourSquare For You

Let’s say that you own a restaurant. When a customer walks in the door, she can check into FourSquare on her phone, find your listing, and begin exploring your menu options. She can also browse photos of your business and read enthusiastic reviews logged by customers and restaurant critics.

FourSquare For Branding

Are you a composer? Do you manage an amateur baseball league? Are you a partner in a law firm?

Good news! FourSquare isn’t limited to brick and mortar retail businesses. It offers free brand tools for you, too. With FourSquare you can create a presence for your brand by engaging your fans as they explore the real world, and by rewarding them with unique experiences and special offerings.

FourSquare Tools For Business Or Brand

When customers check into the app, they share this information with their FourSquare friends. They may also link the app to social media sites like Facebook.
You can track your customer activity using FourSquare’s free business analytical tools after you’ve registered your business or claimed your brand:

    • Measure your success by counting the number of check-ins you get each week. Note how many are shared on Facebook and Twitter.


    • Meet your best customers by finding the people with the most check-ins.


  • Monitor customer activity by reading FourSquare’s weekly email that provides you with key statistics, as well as information about new customer tips and photographs.

4 Steps To FourSquare

    • Claim Your Business. Join the one million businesses already listed on FourSquare 


    • Update Your Information. Keep your FourSquare account information current by regularly reviewing your address, website, menu, business hours, and social media links.


    • Drive Foot Traffic. Keep your customers and fans coming to your door by offering regular specials, adding new events, and posting updates. Let them know what’s happening and invite them in.


  • Use The Tools. Read customer comments and tips; review the analytics to keep track of their activities!

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