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The Background

A&A Paving

A&A Paving is a paving company located in Roselle, Illinois. They have been providing asphalt paving, sealcoating and concrete services to Chicagoland for more than 60 years.


A&A Paving needed clarity on their ideal customers in order to create focused messaging to attract and convert more leads.

They also wanted to have a more focused plan for delighting and retaining current customers. In addition to the inbound marketing tactics, A&A also needed a brand refresh to help differentiate them from their competitors.

Some of their challenges included having a seasonally-impacted business and limited time and budget to create and maintain a marketing program. This was also their first real investment in digital marketing so they were unsure about what to expect and where to start.



Laying The Foundation

Hivehouse Digital conducted extensive workshops and established foundational assets including a "Property Manager" persona, buyer’s journey, and an ideal customer profile (ICP). These assets provided critical insights into their customers' pain points, challenges, and questions and were used as the basis for a digital content strategy.


Launching The Inbound Program

We developed A&A Paving's very first inbound marketing program, including the implementation of HubSpot. The program included:

  • Blogging strategy & execution
  • Social media strategy
  • SEO strategy
  • Content strategy & creation
  • Updated website pages including Homepage, About Us,
 Community Paving
  • HubSpot set up and ongoing management
  • Multiple content offers for lead capture & supporting

Getting The Brand They Deserve

As an established company (60 years) A&A Paving had an existing brand, but it needed a modern update. Hivehouse Digital worked to truly understand the heart & soul of A&A Paving to develop an engaging brand that was reflective of their core values.

These are just a few of the items created to support the new brand:

  • Logo & Tagline
  • Business cards
  • Archetype & documented guidelines
  • Branded social media channels
  • Trade show promotional materials
  • Standardized Sales Presentation
  • Video bumpers

The Results

Significantly Increased Web Traffic & Email Engagement

We met our goal of increased organic traffic to the website, resulting in a significant increase in website users and blog traffic. 

The email marketing program, including keeping in touch with existing customers and providing them with company updates, special offers and helpful information, has proven very successful.

In fact, one of these emails generated 3 new paving projects! A&A focuses on a very narrow geography, making 3 new jobs from one email pretty spectacular. In addition to driving traffic and leads, the brand refresh inspired them to push things even further. They took their new tagline and logo and ran with it for everything from wrapping vehicles to printing t-shirts. One of the biggest rewards of this project so far has been seeing the tremendous pride their team has taken in having a brand that is worthy of them.


Increase in Website Traffic


Increased Organic Traffic


Content Conversion Rate


Increased Email Sessions

Email Campaign:

24% open rate
1170 influenced contacts

HOA Campaign:

17% conversion rate 
12% of submissions are new contacts

Social Media:

27% increase in interactions 
564% increase in clicks 
171% increase in sessions to the site

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