Guest Blogging

Read on to learn more about our blog and how to submit a guest post.

Our purpose

To educate our audience about the strategies, tactics, best practices, tools and technologies that will help them execute effective inbound marketing programs.

Our greatest hits

Here are a few blogs that we think represent our best content and our voice and tone:

Tips for Hiring Marketers (No Unicorns)

Above the Fold: Content on Your Manufacturing Website

5 Websites That’ll Teach You Great Lead Generation

3 Things Your Sales Team Needs from Your Marketing Team

Our audience:

  • Professional services firms, engineering, manufacturing and construction companies
  • Industrial marketers trying to do a lot with small teams and modest budgets
  • People new to/moderately knowledgeable about inbound marketing or HubSpot

We typically talk about:

  1. Inbound marketing, content marketing, online marketing
  2. B2B websites, SEO, social media, email, video and blogging
  3. Lead generation and lead nurturing
  4. HubSpot or general topics on marketing automation, marketing technology stack

We do not talk about:

  • Outbound marketing strategies and tactics
  • Marketing automation platforms other than HubSpot (such as Pardot or Marketo)

Submission Guidelines

  • Length of Content: Our guest posts typically range from 600 to 800 words.
  • Quality of Content: Your writing should flow logically and error-free. Our voice and tone is creative, helpful and humorous.
  • Images/Optimization: Content should be properly optimized with subheads, backlinks to high domain authority sites with relevant anchor text, keywords, bulleted lists or other formatting to make the blog more readable. We will take care of images, however, if you have suggestions for custom images you'd like us to consider, please share them in 950px W by 450px H png or jpg format. We often use gifs and memes in our posts for fun. 
  • Technical Jargon: Please avoid using technical marketing jargon. Our audience is comprised of novice-to-intermediate level marketers. If you have to get technical to make your point please use examples and helpful explanations/backlinks or short videos.
  • Author Information: Your article will begin with your byline and a short bio. We may edit bylines to remove links that do not meet our standards or are manipulative.
  • Backlinks: We allow one backlink to your website.
  • Attribution: Please use proper attribution (either cite your source or backlink to it) for outside content that you reference including data points, quotations and graphics.
  • The Punishment Chair: We will return, remove and/or ban your contributions in the future if we suspect that your work has been copied, stolen or not is properly attributed. Don't make us put you in a time-out.

Other Important Notes:

We reserve the right to edit your post for grammar, length, and quality. Submissions that do not meet our standards will not be published.

Anything we publish on our blog is not eligible for publication on other sites, including your own. However, feel free to promote your guest blog post, once it has been published on our blog. #Sharingiscaring

The published post will contain calls-to-action to download contextually relevant offers from our resource center.

We will let you know when we intend to publish your blog post so you can watch for it!

Submission Instructions

Once you've read the above guidelines and have relevant content to share (or a dazzling idea to pitch) please reach out via email only.

Send to:

Steve Garcia
Content Writer

Subject Line: Holy Crap I Actually Read Your Guidelines

Email body should contain:

  • Quick word on why you think we should accept your submission
  • Suggested title/blog outline
  • Your (short!) author bio*

Thank you and good luck!

*Hivehouse Digital does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religious beliefs or country of origin. We do reserve the right to be suspicious of Ohio State fans, or anyone who does not like dogs.