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Hivehouse Launches Brand & Website for Pharma Consulting Startup

The Background

After decades of working for the top names in the pharmaceutical industry, Amy Longcore had decided to launch her own company focused on an issue that plagued the industry: clinical trial data integrity.

Her business vision was clear — provide detailed, big-picture audits and an objective review of pharmaceutical clinical trial data before a drug’s submission for approval to the FDA. With clear and actionable feedback based on decades of industry experience, Amy and her team have helped projects avoid rejections or audits from the FDA.

While Amy and her team were sought-after experts in the pharma industry, she needed help to develop the right branding and website to convey her exceptional business offering — that’s where we stepped in.

  • Archetype
  • Naming Workshop
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Visual Branding
  • New Logo Creation
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Design
  • Content
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Development & Launch
  • Hivehouse Care Website Support

Our Solution

Diving Into Brand Building

First up was identifying the Brand Archetype. Brand Archetypes are your company’s “personality” and act as a guide when developing other brand assets. Hivehouse and Amy chose a combination of Sage and Explorer. Together, these archetypes embrace sharing knowledge and never settling for the ordinary. The brand identity possessed an educated, open-minded voice and tone, with an organized, bold, and energetic look.

After establishing the archetype our team began working on the Purpose Statements, Company Goal, and Core Values. Along with the archetype, these assets lay the foundation for the brand.

As the founder of the company, Amy’s new business venture needed to be a reflection of her — as well as a juxtaposition to the ordinary, stuffy pharmaceutical companies she had encountered throughout her career. Luckily for us, Amy and her business were anything but ordinary, with a sharp eye, high energy, and a reputation for incredible results, it was clear to our team that Amy’s start-up would naturally differentiate itself from the typical pharmaceutical company.

We began with a series of collaborative meetings and brainstorming sessions with Amy, getting down to the spirit of her business, to build a brand that truly represented her goals and vision.

The brand identity possessed an educated, open-minded voice and tone, with an organized, bold, and energetic look.
Our Purpose

Guide partners through data during the phase 3, clinical trial process.

Our Goal

Bring clarity to client data and documentation.

Core Values

Fun – Fresh. Unique — Innovative.
Professional — Polished.

From there, we developed and presented a pair of brand concepts — collections of taglines, elevator pitches, and logos that would be external-facing representations of her new company.

Amy wanted a brand that differentiated itself from the typical and corporate. Something more akin to a colorful start-up, than a pharmaceutical consulting firm. Thus, Blue Parachute was born. The blue was rooted in Amy’s desire to include color in the name as an homage to her alma mater, the University of Michigan. While the parachute painted a memorable picture of Amy’s data search and rescue services.


A First Class Landing Page for Blue Parachute

Like our brand development process, website development is based on discovering how our clients define success, outlining a clear timeline, and collaborative execution. For Blue Parachute, we developed a website that contained a high-level overview of services, testimonials, processes, and a way for potential clients and employees to contact.

With bright blue colors and imagery featuring clear skies and outgoing professionals, we were able to design a website aesthetic that captured Amy’s vision for Blue Parachute: peace of mind for clients as a result of Amy’s organized process and personable work style.

With the Blue Parachute brand ready to be introduced to the world, the final project was to develop a website that would serve as a landing page for companies and potential employees to contact Amy. The website had to balance Blue Parachute’s unique offering while showcasing Amy’s experience in an inviting and appealing manner.

The Hivehouse Website Development process is centered around simplification. Users want a simple, digestible experience and companies like Blue Parachute need a website that isn’t locked behind complex code.


The Results

Building Successful Relationships

Working with us gave Amy Longcore and Blue Parachute a modern and well-designed website and brand that reflected her vision, as well as final assets that were delivered on an efficient timeline, allowing Blue Parachute to focus on starting her business.
“Emily, Steve, and the whole Hivehouse Digital team were incredible to work with. They strategized and helped me navigate the setting up and naming of my new company. They were very professional and took the time to listen to any questions or concerns. I LOVE my company logo and have received many positive and encouraging comments from potential Clients. My website is easy to navigate and very professional-looking! I felt like hiring the Hivehouse team was completely worth the money. Emily: thank you for your leadership and calm hand. It was a sincere pleasure to work with you!”
Amy Longcore | Founder

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