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Increasing Organic Traffic With SEO and Content Marketing

The Background

Federated Service Solutions

(FSS) is a woman-owned, full-service IT firm located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. They specialize in designing, building, and deploying secure and stable enterprise networks.


Like many growing companies FSS is dependent on finding new leads and nurturing existing leads. To do that, they needed more website traffic - specifically from their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), which is enterprise-sized companies.

They came to us for help strategizing, building, and creating an inbound marketing program and its supporting infrastructure. However, their website and current branding were outdated.

In addition to the challenges on their website, they had never done inbound marketing before. There was some hesitation to try email marketing because they believed that their ICP would not respond well.


Our Solution

Building An Inbound Program From Scratch

Hivehouse Digital developed FSS's very first inbound marketing program, including the implementation of HubSpot. The program included:

  • Social media strategy & execution
  • Blogging strategy & execution
  • SEO strategy
  • Lead generation strategy
  • Content strategy & creation
  • HubSpot set up and ongoing management

Embracing A Brand Archetype: The Outlaw

We developed a new brand based on the results of our brand archetype quiz: The Outlaw. This was a big gamble for the company, but it paid off because it differentiated them from their competition and provided a clear direction for creative.

These are just a few of the items created to support the new brand:

  • Voice & Tone Guide
  • Brand Style Guide & Archetype
  • Updated website pages
  • A Proven Process
  • Business cards, email templates, and stationary
  • Trade show giveaways
  • On-brand job postings

The Results

Marketing Influenced Over $8M in Closed Deals

We met our goals of increased organic traffic to the website, resulting in a significant increase in website users. HubSpot data revealed that our marketing campaign influenced $8,830,000.00 worth of revenue including 47 closed/won deals.

The biggest and best surprise was the success of the email marketing program, which provided a 96% increase in website sessions. The well-received emails proved to be a key tactic in engaging and nurturing existing leads.


Increase in Website Users


Increased Organic Traffic


Increase in Blog Traffic


Keywords Ranking


Hivehouse Digital Is Part Of Our Success Story

“Our company has been working with Hivehouse Digital for over 3 years. Throughout that time, we have had a dedicated team and have utilized different services, including web design and analytics, social media, content management and inbound lead generation. We have maintained engagement with Hivehouse Digital not only because of the robust range of services, knowledge and expertise that they bring to the table; but also the commitment they have to delivering creative, quality solutions to their customers' problems.

They are also some of the most fun, kind and hard working people we have ever worked with! Every single engagement has been near perfect over the last 3 years, and as business owners, we truly respect a company and leadership that are always willing to maintain flexibility and an open mind about in their delivery! That type of commitment to excellence is hard to find and I credit Hivehouse Digital as part of making our company stronger over the years!”

Laura Elgood, Vice President

Federated Service Solutions

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