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The Background

New Eagle

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, New Eagle specializes in mechatronic controls for autonomous, electric, and hybrid vehicles. Their Raptor toolchain combined with engineering support services help teams get their vehicles to production faster.


New Eagle needed a strategy for high-quality digital content that would generate leads and position the company as thought leaders in the industry.

One of the challenges identified early on was the effort and skills required to develop highly-technical content aimed at mechatronics engineers. New Eagle was skeptical that anyone other than their engineers could produce content for them. Existing content, while well-written, was not being promoted in a meaningful way to their target audience.

An additional challenge for lead generation was that New Eagle's existing website was outdated and was not set up to capture leads.


Our Solution

Developing A Content Marketing Program

A content marketing strategy was developed to speak directly to mechatronics and controls engineers about New Eagle's flagship product for development teams:  Raptor™.

In order to create the downloadable content and blogs, our team worked out a process to collaborate with New Eagle's engineering team, who would act as subject matter experts. This process was sensitive to the engineer's time and bandwidth.

For the content marketing program, we created technical blogs and downloadable content offers and set up the infrastructure for lead generation. Content offers were created in close collaboration with their engineers and promoted across social media and blog posts.


Elevating The Website

New Eagle's existing website needed to be updated to reflect their bleeding-edge technologies and the industries they support. However, New Eagle didn't have the resources 'blow up' their existing site and start over. Instead, we targeted key pages to update first, next, and last and then worked our way through additional pages.

We also did SEO research and updated their meta descriptions and keywords to help improve search. The blogs we wrote were also heavily optimized for search.


The Results

High-Value Content Means
High-Value Experience For Visitors

By creating high-value technical content and promoting it properly, we met our goals of increased organic traffic to the website, increased overall web sessions, and increased time on page. This in turn, brought in 357 new form submissions for content downloads.


Avg. Content Conversion


Increased Time on Page


Increased Organic Traffic


Increased Keyword Ranking

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