Data and HubSpot Personas to Make Your Customers Fall in Love

July 21, 2016

There’s an old business adage: it’s five times more expensive to acquire a client than to keep a current one. Whether five times is an accurate measure has been debated (depends on your industry, business, and client relationship) but the fundamental idea remains the same— keeping your current clients happy provides more long-term value than pouring resources into acquiring replacements.

So once you get the customer, how can you ensure you keep them? Providing great products or services is just the start, offering the products or services that best fit each particular customer and their needs will really show you care. It’s just like how a one-year anniversary dinner is to be expected in a romantic relationship while surprising your partner with their favorite bouquet of flowers and a cameo from Danny Devito shows you really get them and care.

In the business world though, you may have hundreds or thousands of customers or prospective customers— hopefully, that’s not the case when it comes to your significant other(s). Keeping track of that many customers and understanding what they like is a bit more challenging, which is where utilizing marketing platforms and personas comes in.

Using Data to Show Customers You “Get” Them

Great relationships with your customers start before they ever become a client— you can learn a ton about your customers by digging into why they became customers in the first place. At Hivehouse Digital, we use the marketing platform, HubSpot, to dig deep into data to find out who is buying from our clients and why. From this data, we can identify our ideal customers and begin building profiles for them with relevant info like typical age, role, preferred form of marketing communication, and much, much more.

From there, you can create personas, which are basically representations of your ideal customers that can be easily referenced when you’re creating content, designing a website, brainstorming a new offering— or anything else you want to make sure provides value for your customers.

Creating Personas Using Actual User Data

HubSpot makes it incredibly easy to create these personas. It’ll even tie actual factual user data to your personas, so your personas become more and more accurate as your relationship continues.

What does this have to do with retention? Everything.

Once a prospect is a customer, you don’t stop delivering great content or providing amazing services. You find ways to improve their current experience and provide follow-up solutions that either enhance or ensure your initial offering remains amazing.

HubSpot and Personas: You’re So Happy When They’re Together

HubSpot would work wonders even if it didn’t offer its personas tied to actual user data. Without personas, and the exceptional specific data used to create them, HubSpot wouldn’t be able to help you wow and win over leads.

In other words, HubSpot is sweet; personas are critical. Put them together by using HubSpot and you can have a deep understanding of what data is relevant and actionable, helping you find and win new customers…and keep the ones you’ve worked so hard to land.

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