Inbound Marketing Strategy Helps EOS Worldwide Grow With Impressive Results

June 29, 2016

EOS Worldwide has been a successful client at Hivehouse Digital since 2014. EOS Worldwide is a growing organization of entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping other business leaders succeed. These entrepreneurs use the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) to power their companies with a set of simple, practical, real-world tools designed to improve accountability, focus, and results. With over 16 years of history and more than 16,800 companies currently using the tools, EOS is a proven system that consistently helps companies achieve more revenue, growth and profit while delivering a better balance of life to business owners and leaders.

The Challenge

Image of the Book "Traction" by Gino WickmanThe Entrepreneurial Operating System became popular in the small business community after creator Gino Wickman published his book Traction in 2007. As demand grew for the EOS Process™ and Tools, more and more business owners began to turn to professionally-trained EOS Implementers for guidance on how to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System effectively in their organizations.

To keep up with increasing demand, EOS Worldwide needed to:

  • Attract more qualified business coaches to be trained as professional EOS Implementers.
  • Continue spreading the word to business owners and leadership teams who would benefit from using the Entrepreneurial Operating System model, process, and tools.

EOS Worldwide came to Hivehouse Digital with the goal of developing a scalable marketing infrastructure that would enable them to work efficiently and drive powerful results. As a long-time user of the Entrepreneurial Operating System in our own agency, the Hivehouse Digital team was a natural fit to help EOS Worldwide achieve their goals.

Inbound Strategy with Hivehouse Digital

First, we worked with EOS Worldwide to develop an inbound marketing strategy that would complement their relationship-driven culture and support their long-term growth goals. We started by aligning our teams to develop a shared 1-year vision for smarketing success. We then created detailed buyer personas, audited their existing content, and developed a plan to attract more traffic from ideal customers, improve conversion rates, and deliver personalized content tailored to the buyer’s journey.

Preview image of EOS Worldwide's websiteNext, we collaborated with another great Michigan-based agency, Loftopia, to launch a new website and blog built in the HubSpot COS that was integrated with EOS Worldwide’s existing learning management system and online store.

The new site, launched in August of 2015, featured a revamped structure with content tailored to the two primary personas, supported by an inbound infrastructure that automates repetitive tasks, delivers personalized content through nurturing workflows, and regularly engages the EOS community with fresh content.

It’s impossible to document all of the improvements that have been made in a short blog post, so here are a few highlights:

  • Optimized all site pages for SEO using the HubSpot Page Performance tool
  • Restructured site architecture and rewrote all site content tailored to buyer personas
  • Migrated blog subscription from MailChimp to HubSpot blog notices
  • Implemented nuturing workflows to engage qualified prospects with fresh content
  • Leveraged GoToWebinar integration to automate webinar follow-up
  • Leveraged HotJar integration to identify opportunities for improving usability and conversion rates

Today, we provide marketing strategy and support on an ongoing basis, seamlessly integrating our Inbound Marketing methodology and team with the EOS Process™ to achieve marketing traction.

Delightful Marketing Results

Since engaging with Hivehouse, EOS Worldwide has experienced a number of impressive results year over year:

 90% year-over-year increase in monthly website visits. 50% year-over-year increase in monthly emails collected. 98% year-over-year increase in webinar registrations. 72% year-over-year increase in monthly blog views. 100% year-over-year increase in sales qualified leads (SQLs). 90% increase in fans and followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

This year, EOS Worldwide is on track to meet or exceed all of its 2016 annual marketing goals, and expects to train 80% more Professional EOS Implementers than in 2015.

“The Whole Brain Group team has delivered great results for EOS Worldwide – from webinar registrations to traffic and leads, our scorecard numbers are up across the board. They truly understand our company vision, and have been able to focus our marketing strategy on the activities that bring us the most value, while simultaneously helping us build processes and systems that will scale as we grow.”Don Tinney, Integrator at EOS Worldwide

The Secret of Our Success

Similar to the EOS Process™, The Hivehouse Digital Smarketing Process is designed to establish and maintain alignment between our teams so we can function cohesively with the client’s company. Each year, we develop and document a shared one- and three-year vision for success to make sure everyone is on the same page before executing our plans. We then select three to five priorities each quarter to focus on—aligning our activities and budget to support these priorities. Finally, we meet regularly to monitor results, report on progress, and remove obstacles that are standing in the way of reaching our goals.

Following this process helps us establish an environment of transparency and accountability between our teams so we can address issues when they arise, and minimize waste due to miscommunication or misaligned priorities.

What’s Next for EOS Worldwide

When you have this kind of success, it creates new problems—but they’re good problems to have!

To manage increased lead volume without increasing headcount on the sales team, we are now working on a Sales Enablement project to help EOS Worldwide streamline their lead follow-up process using the HubSpot Sales Tools. We’re also in the midst of developing an internationalization and localization strategy leveraging HubSpot Enterprise features to support the company’s expansion into global markets.

“It’s exciting to watch momentum build in the market, and to witness the powerful impact EOS has on the businesses who implement it. We’re proud to collaborate with such a great organization and to work together to help even more business owners achieve their dreams!” – Marisa Smith, Head Brainiac at The Whole Brain Group

October 2016 Update: How to Be a Great Boss Book Launch and Promotion

cover of the book "How to Be a Great Boss"We spent the summer and early fall of 2016 promoting the release of the book How to Be a Great Boss by EOS Worldwide founder Gino Wickman and Rene Boer. Here are the activities we did and the results we saw:

Marketing Activities:

  • Offered a free chapter download prior to the launch to drive preorders
  • Created a companion toolkit to capture leads and nurture readers to download other EOS resources
  • Created a companion infographic to build buzz about the book and drive sales
  • Created and promoted a companion webinar to educate people about concepts in the book
  • Emailed existing contacts to promote presales and content offers


  • #1 New Release in the Business Management category on Amazon
  • #1 New Release in the Entrepreneurship category on Amazon
  • 2,000 free chapter downloads in three months
  • 1,400 downloads of the infographic in three months
  • 500+ registrations for the first two webinars
  • 550 toolkit downloads in three months

Next Steps

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