Irresistible Content That Wins the Sale

February 23, 2017

In my last couple of posts, I revealed the best types of content for manufacturers to get noticed at the Awareness stage and the Consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. Now that you’re attracting new visitors and demonstrating what sets you apart from other manufacturers, it’s time to move your leads to the final stage before a purchase: the Decision stage.

What Is the Decision Stage?

At this point, the buyer has refined the potential solutions and you are one of the finalists. Congrats! Now they need to emotionally buy-in to purchasing from you and close the deal.


This is the point when you make your pitch. Up until now, you’ve been focusing on providing helpful content that educates, but now it’s decision time. Ask for the sale–but do it right.

Best Content for the Decision Stage

As with the other stages, some types of content are more effective than others for the Decision stage. You want to get really personal–it’s just you and the buyer, now. So you need to use content that’s well-suited to make the appeal.


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Email campaigns

At this point, your emails should come from a salesperson, not marketing. They should use the salesperson’s name and actual email, not or The content of the email should be highly personalized, and should speak to the actual buyer, not a persona.

Use the data you’ve captured on this buyer to inform the content of the email. This DOESN’T mean you need to write a new email for each lead. HubSpot makes it easy to create highly personalized templated emails that are triggered by certain actions or conditions, and you can use personalization tokens to speak directly to the lead.

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Case studies and white papers

These aren’t personalized the way that your emails will be, but case studies and white papers are great elements to help reinforce you as the best solution. They prove what you can do, and should include a call to take the next step and make a purchase.

Client testimonials

Study after study has shown that social proof is a huge motivator at the Decision stage–especially for B2B customers. Client testimonials are powerful influencers that can increase your sales conversion rate.

You can create a Testimonials page on your website, but don’t stop with that. Place testimonials in content like these examples:

  • In your emails
  • On CTAs
  • On the Demo page of your website
  • On case study landing pages

Targeted content

Chances are, your buyers aren’t making purchasing decisions on their own. They have internal stakeholders who need to be on board with the purchase as well. In B2B, most decisions have a few roadblocks that can derail a purchase, such as a form required by purchasing, or an influencer with very different goals and objections than the buyer you’ve been connecting with.

Targeted content will help your contact sell you to their internal selection team. By providing content that addresses team members’ questions, objections, and concerns, you can help your contact make the purchase.

Congratulations! You’re successfully attracting new visitors, providing valuable content that sets you apart from other manufacturers, and effectively closing the deal.

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