Sales Enablement Article Roundup: Best of the Best

April 13, 2016

Sales enablement has become a hot topic in inbound marketing and sales. Companies everywhere are realizing how critical it is to align sales and marketing teams to create a culture that catapults your effectiveness at generating qualified leads and converting customers for greater-than-ever revenue.

But sales and marketing teamwork is nothing new for inbound marketers that have their sh*t together. In fact, we’ve been writing about aligning your sales and marketing teams for years. Need to get caught up on inbound sales enablement fast? Here’s some of our best content on the topic. Enjoy!

Why You Need Sales Enablement Now

The world of sales has changed and buyers are more educated. Yet, salespeople haven’t caught up with the times. Sales reps are spending 59% of their time on non-sales activities. Their time is wasted on researching, sourcing leads, and administrative tasks. However, if you ask a salesperson what they want, they’ll ask for more time and more money.

4 Ways Inbound Sales Outperforms Legacy Sales Every Day

The role of the salesperson has been transformed from product information gatekeeper to educator and advisor. Most people have answered all of their basic questions by doing their own research, so when they finally engage with a salesperson they want them to add value. If you haven’t done it by now, it’s officially time to change the way you sell and match your approach to the way people buy today.


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3 Things Your Sales Team Needs From Your Marketing Team

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. Without effective marketing, there are no prospects to sell your product to. Without salespeople to convert those prospects into customers, your marketing efforts are wasted. It’s not uncommon for marketing teams to have very little knowledge of the sales process, and for sales teams to be clueless about the effort required to generate the leads they’re following up on.

Why Most Salespeople Solve The Wrong Problem

The problem that your prospect brings you is rarely the real problem. It’s only a symptom of the real issue. A true partner in business is a sales professional who solves the real pains, not the surface problems. Most salespeople, however, hear a problem and jump right to the solution. They do this for a number of reasons.

16 Tips For Developing Your Sales And Marketing Strategy

The best way to start the year off right is to gather your sales and marketing team together for a series of planning sessions to get everyone aligned and headed in the same direction. Follow these steps to learn from the past, dream big, and put together a sensible plan for achieving your goals!

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