Use Data to Make Clients Fall in Love with You

July 21, 2016

Quick quiz: How much does repeat business contribute to a professional service’s and B2B enterprise’s marketing and sales?

If you said “80 percent,” you’d be right.

You more than likely guessed correctly, didn’t you? After all, it’s pretty well understood that the cost of retaining a client is less expensive than getting new ones (although the “fact” that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer is, some experts believe, bunk).

So once you get the customer, how can you ensure you keep them? By providing great products and services coupled with terrific customer service, of course. But there’s more to it than just a great widget or service.

Customers want to be heard, understood, and have a relationship with you. It’s pretty much a one-way relationship, though, with you providing all the attention, all the service, all the solutions, and the customer letting you know that he loves it – or doesn’t. (How many of us only hear from customers when they’re not happy?)

Use Technology and Data to Show Customers You “Get” Them

Great relationships with your customers start before they ever become a client. HubSpot allows you to dig deep into data that shows you who is buying from you and why. These are your ideal customers and your task now is to target them – and pretty much only them.

You create personas for these perfect customers and then you create content for them that gives the information they’re looking for to solve the problems you know they have.

Creating Personas Using Actual User Data: There’s a Program for That

HubSpot’s software platform actually helps you create these personas. Even better, it ties the work of creating those personas to actual user data, allowing you to know exactly what your ideal customers want, and when and where they want it so that you can give it to them.

What does this have to do with retention? Everything.

Once a prospect is a customer, you don’t stop delivering the great content. You continue to send them informative ebooks, videos, infographics, etc., customized with exactly the information they want. Keep providing them with great products and services and keep sending them content they want, and you’ll not only have a happy customer: you’ll have a delighted customer. Customers tend to stay put when they are over-the-moon happy with you.

HubSpot and Personas: You’re So Happy When They’re Together

HubSpot would work wonders even if it didn’t offer its personas tied to actual user data. Without personas – and the exceptional specific data used to create them – HubSpot wouldn’t be able to help you wow and win over leads.

In other words, HubSpot is sweet; personas are critical. Put them together by using HubSpot and you can have a deep understanding regarding what data is relevant and actionable, helping you find and win new customers…and keep the ones you’ve worked so hard to land.

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