WBG’s Core Values Drive Community Involvement

July 6, 2016

Ann Arbor is included on multiple “Best Cities” lists that get published each year. And there are plenty of good reasons for it.Throughout the seasons, the small college-town community comes together for all kinds of unique experiences. One favorite summer events is the Top of the Park festival, a 24-day live music showcase that takes place in the middle of town. The event includes a blend of music, movies, food, and activities ranging from yoga to kids exploratories. And it’s FREE!


To keep it thriving, the local community businesses come together to provide support. And The Whole Brain Group was please to volunteer our time for raising donations on opening night.

Giving Back Is Built into Our DNA

The Whole Brain Group is proud of our community, and we take advantage of various opportunitities to invest into it by giving back – not simply by writing a check, but by investing our time and energy. It’s one of our core values. Life is better when you are giving back! 

As part of the Small Giants ecosystem, we believe that giving back is a two-way street. Volunteering keeps us rooted in the community, and the community also helps to mold the character of our business. 

My personal experience volunteering at TOP was very rewarding. I was able to greet many familiar faces from the community, and our team challenged each other to see who would raise the most dollars from donations (yours truly raised the most <smirk>).

Top of the Park volunteer holding collection box of donations

While we served, we were able to roam among the smells and sounds of the festival, witnessing the happy faces of families and friends taking part in the fun activities. The bands’ performances generated lot of energy to keep me bouncing from person to person, asking if they’d like to, “Give five to help TOP Thrive.”

Can’t wait till next year!