4 Reasons Your Inbound Marketing Will Succeed

July 11, 2013

We’re all looking for ways to make our inbound strategies as successful as possible. Along the way, we’re bound to discover some absolute no-nos — which is why this article is so important. But it’s also important to realize what you’re doing right, and why it’s helping you generate and nurture leads. That’s why we’ve compiled these four reasons your inbound marketing strategy is on its way to the top.

Using Relevant Keywords

Good news: the age of overzealous keyword insertion is over! Now, if you’re writing readable, valuable content with keywords that flow naturally, you’re well on your way to success. While you want your content to contain relevant keywords that will bump your page up in search engine results, you don’t want your audience to feel like they’re reading the musings of a soulless robot. And search engines don’t either — over-stuffing keywords may prompt Google to dismiss your content as spam. Remember to conjure up unique meta title tags and meta descriptions, and you’re on the right track!

Promoting Engagement On Social Media

Incorporating a successful social media strategy into your overall inbound marketing strategy isn’t just about posting articles and lists. All the links in the world won’t make your audience feel a connection to your business. That’s why if your social media strategy thrives on personal engagement with your audience (and educating them), you’re on the right track. A truly successful social media strategy isn’t just sharing links and advertising your own content, and while scheduling posts is important, it’s just as important to monitor your platforms in real time. Responding to comments, acknowledging likes and retweets, and following back users that follow you will help you gain your audience’s trust and affection. Why? An audience that feels nurtured before they’re even affiliated with your business is a happy one — and one full of leads.

Measuring Progress And Adjusting Tactics

One of the most exciting parts about inbound is that it’s always evolving. Technologies change, your audience changes — even your company goals may shift! This means you’ll need to keep track of what your audience values and adjust your inbound strategy accordingly. Luckily, there are several ways to measure your inbound progress. If you’re using tools like Google Analytics to discern which posts and pages motivate your audience and generate the most lead conversions, you’re on the right track. Measuring your inbound progress also means checking in with your office mates: more regular meetings with your inbound team generates new ideas and invites evaluation of current practices.

Producing Interesting And Original Content

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: content is the backbone of your inbound marketing strategy. Without interesting content, you are not giving potential customers any reason to be interested in your business. But if you’re constantly looking around for engaging ideas, you’re well on your way to being a content star. Concepts for eye-catching content are all around you — on television, in books, in movies, maybe even on your commute to work. Keep a list of potential ideas on your phone or a notepad. Take pictures of things that inspire you. People who always reserve a spot for content creation somewhere in their brains will usually come up with the most creative ideas. And don’t be afraid to think a little outside the box. Your audience will thank you, because they won’t be able to find content like yours anywhere else.

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