5 Reasons You Should Create an Infographic for your Business

October 3, 2012
5 Reasons to create an infograhpic for your business

With the elevated focus on images in social media, creating strong visual content is becoming increasingly important. Many businesses are embracing infographics as a key component of their internet marketing plans. We recently published a post discussing the astonishing ROI, or “Return on Infographics,” that we have experienced first-hand here at Hivehouse Digital. But just why are infographics so popular? Here are 5 reasons why infographics are successful and why you should be using them for your business:

5 Reasons Why You Need Infographics

1. They are eye-catching

First and foremost, infographics will grab a customers attention. By nature, infographics should be graphically interesting and visually pleasing. An emphasis on graphic elements such as well-designed charts and illustrations naturally draws the eye and helps you get your customer’s focus right where you want it – on your content.

2. They make information accessible and easy to understand

The internet contains endless amounts of information. At times it can seem overwhelming. By compiling relevant bits of information together in an easy-to-read visual format you make that information more accessible to your customer. A customer that may be off-put by a long article or block of text can quickly and clearly access the same information when it is put into an infographic.

3. They demonstrate thought-leadership

Infographics, when done well, can highlight your grasp of key industry concepts, ideas and trends. By demonstrating this knowledge through the use of infographics you can help your business stand out among competitors and show customers you are a leader in your field.

4. They will increase your viewers and drive traffic to your website

Various studies have shown that based on Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, photos are (generally) more likely to be viewed and generate fan engagement than other types of updates (status, link, video, etc). Therefore when posting an infographic to your Facebook page you have a greater chance of reaching more of your fans/customers.  Images are also easy to view in Google searches, through other social networks such as Pinterest, etc. Images are easy to share. This means that ultimately, more people will see your content.

5. They promote awareness

The more people that view your content, the more people are aware of your business/brand. Because images such as infographics are more likely to be viewed and shared your business gains heightened customer awareness. The more people are aware of your business, the more leads you will get, and the more successful you will be.

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