Webinar-on-Demand: How to Get the Most ROI From Your Digital Marketing Budget

October 24, 2022

Marketing budgets can get big. From email marketing to PPC to videos to websites, there is no shortage of ways to promote your business. How do you decide where to place your focus to get the most out of your precious time and resources?

In our webinar-on-demand, How to Get the Most ROI From Your Digital Marketing Budget, you’ll learn:

  • What a marketing budget is
  • How to prepare to build your budget
  • Tips on building your marketing budget

Preparing a marketing budget can be the foundation for your marketing strategy; here are three signs you should consider taking the time to carefully plan your marketing budget.

Your Lead Generation is Low

If your sales team is telling you that lead generation is low, it’s time to implement a plan to increase leads. Look at your data to see what areas are lacking for lead generation. Identifying your business needs and how you should address them will help you allocate your marketing budget better.

You Want to Increase Revenue

If your company needs to work on increasing revenue, make sure to take that into consideration when building your marketing budget. Identify the areas of your marketing strategy that could use improvement. This could look like increasing ad spending or perhaps trying a new marketing tactic you haven’t tried yet. Once you’ve determined how you’ll meet your goal to increase revenue, allocate the appropriate amount of marketing spend you need to achieve it.

You Need to Increase Marketing Spend

Maybe you want to upgrade your CRM, need to hire a new team member or plan to increase your number of blog posts. Whatever your marketing plans are for the upcoming quarter or year, creating your budget is a way to show your leadership or finance team where you plan to spend money. With a clear plan of action of how you’d spend marketing dollars and how it will help you meet business goals, you’ll have a higher chance of getting a bigger budget approved.

Creating a marketing budget can be the first step toward alleviating poor or low lead generation, slowing revenue, or feeling like you need to endlessly increase marketing spend. Learn how you can begin taking a more measured approach to your marketing when you watch our video, How to Get the Most ROI From Your Digital Marketing Budget.