How to Improve Your Sales with Inbound Marketing

May 2, 2014

Many marketing budgets are spent broadcasting across multiple formats in a buckshot-like approach, hoping to snare a few leads in the process. This outbound marketing approach may include mass mailings, cold calling, billboard advertising, and commercials – techniques meant to get your product or service in front of lots of people in the hopes of engaging with a few.

Unfortunately, outbound marketing is becoming less effective because today’s buyers are doing a lot more research online before they decide to buy, and they’re more sophisticated about tuning out messages that aren’t relevant or engaging. In order to stand out from the noise, it’s important to provide people with the education and background information they are looking for to help them solve problems or make a decision to buy.

That’s where inbound marketing comes in: shifting the focus from a broadcast mentality to one of eduction and content curation. Because your potential customers are on the internet doing their homework, you need to meet them there with valuable content designed to prove to those prospects that you are an expert who cares about helping them solve problems. By tailoring your marketing approach to today’s buyer expectations, you’re more likely to build a relationship with your prospects and nurture them on their journey from prospect to lead to sale.

4 Reasons Inbound Marketing Will Improve Your Sales

  • Inbound marketing delivers more educated, qualified sales leads. This will reduce the time and energy your sales team spends talking to unqualified prospects or leads who aren’t really ready to buy.

  • Inbound marketing content is tailored to your ideal customer and buyer personas. This personalized, relevant content is much more likely to attract prospects and convert them into customers.



  • Inbound marketing establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. By publishing valuable content and sharing it across your social channels you can help boost brand awareness, reputation, and referrals.

  • Inbound marketing can shorten the sales cycle. Your sales team can nurture leads more quickly by sending them relevant blog posts, eBooks, and tip sheets to educate, build trust.

This is just the tip of the inbound marketing iceberg. To get a more complete overview of inbound marketing and how to start implementing your own inbound strategy, download our new Pocket Guide to Inbound Marketing. In this guide, you’ll learn about the importance of content creation, the three stages of the sales funnel, and key tactics for a successful campaign.

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