The 3 R’s of Content Marketing

March 31, 2017

As a kid, the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) were grilled into my brain. This ensured that I would not pollute the earth with more garbage. That lesson also applies to content marketing. By using the R’s of great content marketing: Reuse, Refresh, and Reimagine, you can reduce marketing pollution, and improve your inbound marketing and lead generation.

Reuse your evergreen content

Evergreen content answers the core questions and pains of your buyer personas — and it can reach a whole new target audience if repurposed properly. Share it on social channels and promote it to key buyers via email marketing. Nurturing email campaigns are a great way to reuse content, and send buyers to relevant blogs, landing pages or content offers. The best part is, you don’t have to create anything new.

Refresh and repost content with greater potential

What about that one blog post that aligned perfectly to your buyer persona, but still fell flat? Maybe it just needs a little love, and a repost. Revive it with some quick copy and formatting improvements, new images or video, and some focused keywords. Throw in some relevant CTAs too.

Next, tie in any lead generation content you created since that post was first published. Find the relevant spot in the post, and put it in. To Google, this gentle update looks like a new post, and will be shared to your subscribers. This will help drive some new conversions.

Reimagine that content in a different format

That amazing case study (on which you spent countless hours, made rounds of revisions, and enhanced with quotes from subject matter experts) can be deconstructed and recycled into new content.

Consider that case study reborn as a How-To blog post. In fact, it could be a series of blog posts. Or, turn it into a Checklist, eBook or How-To Guide. The point is, with a simple format change, the same information can be repurposed to farm more leads.

Get more miles out of your content

Don’t recreate the wheel every time you need more visits, leads, or engagement. Instead, take inventory of the great content you have, and apply the three R’s. It will save you time, and increase traffic and leads with less effort. You spend a lot of effort to create your content. It should (and can) work hard for you.

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