Your S&%$ is Cool to Your Audience

March 23, 2017

You know a lot about your particular industry. Like, A LOT. You could write a very detailed blog post about one aspect of it, but you have one question: who will read it? Or at least, who will read it to actually get the information, not as a sleep aid?

Your Audience

The answer is the right audience. Your people will read it, and bore their friends and family to tears trying to explain how cool the blog post about [whatever you do] was, and how much they learned because of it.

Even the niche-iest of industries can benefit from regular blogging— in fact, blogging could be the best way for you to reach your particular audience. It’s definitely the least expensive way to get information in front of a targeted group of people, and it will also help establish you as an expert in your field. When people who know their stuff start to regard your blog as a can’t-miss read every week, you know you’ve reached the right folks.

Your Niche

Don’t believe me? Here’s an example of a highly technical bit of content that would appeal to the right audience, but not so much to the layman.

“Once upon a time, there was a stream. This stream was so polluted, it was put on the EPA 303(d) list. A wastewater treatment plant discharged treated water into this stream, but even when the stream was treated, the treatment plant still caused elevated levels of pollutants.

In order to get the stream off the 303(d) list and combat the increased usage demand of the treatment plant, a tertiary treatment system was designed and constructed. The tertiary treatment system was a polishing wetland. The natural plant life helped clean the water before it entered the stream, became a natural habitat for wildlife, and ultimately helped remove the stream from the EPA 303(d) list.”

So most of you probably wouldn’t really care about that story, unless I took the time to fluff it up and make it super compelling (which I won’t, because that would ruin my example). But to the target audience? It was amazing. They have a better grasp of the terminology as well as the issues that pertain to polluted water and/or wastewater treatment plants. They were INTO IT.

And your intended audience will be interested in what you have to say! Manufacturing and highly technical industries are prime hubs for content marketing. There’s an endless supply of topics, and updates in the industry offer even more fodder.

Your Passion

Who can tell your story better than you? Who has more information about your field? Nobody! Take the opportunity to stretch your creative muscles and write about manufacturing widgets or developing software— whichever applies to you.

When you write with passion, it comes through, and it can infect even the most jaded reader. But when your reader shares your passion? Call the fire department. You’re gonna need some help putting out the flames.

The next time you say to yourself, “I don’t think my field is appropriate for content marketing,” THINK AGAIN. When you target the right audience, you’ll have them lining up to read your latest article, and begging for more.

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