The Call to Action: Turn Website Visitors into Customers [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 21, 2012

As an internet marketing agency, we always stress to our clients the importance of including a strong call to action on their web pages.  A call to action (CTA) is a short phrase that urges web visitors to perform a desired action. “Sign up today”, “Call now”, “Download”, “Buy now”, etc. are all good examples of CTA’s. A clear and effective CTA will help capture leads and turn web visitors into sales or prospects. We have created the below infographic to help you get started on creating effective CTA buttons.
Depending on your business goals, different CTA’s will be appropriate for different goal actions. If your business focuses on lead generation, using a CTA such as “Request a free consultation” or “Request a free trial” will encourage web visitors to contact you. For ecommerce websites with click-to-purchase goals, effective CTA’s can include large “Buy Now” buttons with large and obvious “Checkout” options. Make it easy for your web visitor to make a purchase, with few clicks and minimal scrolling or scanning.

4 How-To Tips on Getting the Most from Your Call To Action

The placement of your CTA can be equally as important as the messaging. Make sure there is a CTA on every page, and place the message where the web visitor is most likely to view. For ecommerce websites, a CTA to “Buy now” or “Add to cart” should be prominent and directly next to or below the product listing.This will encourage the visitor to act immediately after viewing the product information. For lead generation websites, providing an easy way to “Request a consultation” on each page will be important for capturing web leads when the visitor is ready to take the next step. A call-to-action button is best used in tandem with an effective landing page to capture leads.

Be sure that your CTA’s display appropriately on both desktop and mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets such as iPad and Android powered devices). If you’re using web forms for lead generation, be sure the visitor can easily enter their information to contact you on a smartphone or tablet. If you’re encouraging users to make a purchase on your site, be sure that the shopping cart is easy to access and that purchases can easily be made via mobile.