Google Plus Is Second To One

February 20, 2013

Content note: While this blog post is outdated, it still offers valuable insights into past sales and marketing trends. For the latest strategies and up-to-date information, we encourage you to explore our newer posts on the ever-evolving landscape of sales and marketing.

Suffering from Facebook fatigue? Getting tired of Twitter?

Despair not. You can restore your dwindling supply of social media energy by switching to Google+, just named the second most-used social media platform worldwide by GlobalWebIndex. While Google+ has only half the active users of first place Facebook, it can boast of attracting 500,000 more users than Twitter, which ranked number 4 on the list.

If you’re like us, you probably have a Google+ account, but you don’t really use it. Well, it’s time for all of us to start visiting Google+ more often, because who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a network of over 340 million users?

Who Uses Google Plus?

Increasingly, more organizations such as local governments are using Google+ as a way to connect with others both internally and externally. Internally, organizations can easily collaborate on projects because Google applications are integrated. This makes it easy for co-workers to share documents and spreadsheets, even over video conference, all using Google Suite. Externally, organizations are able to reach out through a feature called “Hangouts” that can inform the public about upcoming events or information.

The rise in the popularity of Google+ is partly due to its namesake: “Google.” Even if people do not actively use their Google+ accounts, they still require many of the other Google services such as Gmail or Google Apps. Google services are seamlessly integrated, which is what distinguishes Google+ from other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Google Plus Privacy

Social media privacy is always a concern for users. Securing your privacy in Google+ is simple. When you create your Google+ profile, you can control what information is made visible to the public, ensuring that anything you wish to remain private is actually private.

With the Google+ Circles feature, you can configure your settings to share certain information with specific groups (or Circles), while excluding everyone else. Once again, Google+ makes it easy for users to obtain the privacy that is often difficult to do with other social media platforms.

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