HubSpot Product Updates: Start The Conversation

August 30, 2018

Last month we said that we’d be your “HubSpot Guy” and get you the inside details on all the big HubSpot product updates and features. So, here we go…

Conversation over the internet has changed quite a bit. You can probably still conjure the distinct sound of “you’ve got mail” or the two-toned chime from an AOL Instant Message in your head, but real-time online chat is more popular than ever. Now HubSpot has integrated live chat into their new tool – HubSpot Conversations.

The HubSpot CRM Launches The Conversations Tool

Launched August 7th, 2018 – As part of the HubSpot CRM, the new Conversations tool is used to communicate and connect with your prospects and customers in real time. It gives you access to collaborative chatbot functionalities, which ultimately allows you to better connect with your audiences and save time while also driving meaningful results.

The Best Part: it’s available at ALL Hubspot levels, even HubSpot Free.

Inside the tool you’ll see:

  • A collaborative inbox that allows ALL users and teams (sales, marketing, customer service, etc.) to manage email and chat conversations from one central place.
  • A Chatbot that you can customize and manage to automate high-quality conversations with your website visitors.
  • Targeting and lead routing that helps you connect the right people at the right time.

Pro tip: If you are a current HubSpot user you can access the Conversations tool in the navigation bar inside your portal (after you have turned on the new updated navigation).

Free Chatbot Building Software

As part of the HubSpot Conversations tool you can easily build and launch chatbots on your website. Then you can automatically connect users to specific people on your team. Delight your current customers who are looking for help by routing the chat to your customer service team. Or, send users inquiring about pricing and service packages to a specific sales team member.

The Best Part: there is no coding required.

HubSpot makes it easy for you to build chatbots:

  • Choose a template based on what you want your bot’s goal to be: qualifying leads, booking meetings, or providing customer support.
  • Use the visual editor to customize conversations to match your company’s voice and tone.
  • Add in specific questions you want asked or even multiple choice responses.
  • Customize settings such as the bot’s name that your users will see, session timeouts, and error responses.
  • Turn it on!

Pro tip: If you want to know more about the set-up process for launching chatbots on your website, check out HubSpot’s Academy pages.

How does connecting in real time help you?

Everything is getting faster, including how quickly your prospects move through their buyer’s journey. HubSpot says it well:

“Buyers expect to kick off a conversation over live chat, follow up with email, and then talk through details over the phone — all without skipping a beat.”

In the past, automating your inbound marketing focused on creating workflows (which is still important), but now communication can be instant. Chatbots and HubSpot’s Conversations tool help you have contextual and delightful interactions with your prospects RIGHT NOW, because, you’re more likely to close a sale with someone who is already on your site and actively engaged.

A key part of Industry 4.0 is being more connected. Start using the free HubSpot Conversations tool to connect with your customers in real-time. If you need some help, schedule a 30-minute call with us.

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