Social Media Marketing News Report: All the latest buzz!

July 3, 2012

There have been some recent developments in the past few weeks that might affect how you interact with your social media marketing channels. Check out our round-up of the latest social media news:

Facebook Updates Email Addresses, adds Comment Editing

  • Facebook was recently in the news for suddenly changing every member’s profile to display their ‘’ email address, instead of the user’s preferred email address. Email sent to your Facebook address would end up in your Facebook inbox. This was a sudden change for many users (including many who did not even know they had a email address).

  • TIP: For a quick fix, go into your profile and update the email address to your preferred address. Also, be sure to check “Other Messages” in your Facebook Inbox as emails from non-Facebook friends can be routed there, unknown to the user.

  • Email addresses for business pages appear to be unaffected.

  • A feature Facebook users have long wished for is finally here – comment editing. Users who comment on a status or thread can now edit their comment. No more Copy -Delete, Paste- edits! 
  • TIP: This editing feature only works for comments, not original posts (which still need to be deleted). Editing a comment will also leave an Edit History which can be viewed by others.

LinkedIn and Twitter End Partnership

  • Twitter and LinkedIn have ended their partnership. Previously, users were able to link their accounts and their tweets would automatically be posted on LinkedIn. These tweets will no longer feed automatically from Twitter.

  • TIP: LinkedIn advises users to post updates on LinkedIn and select the option to post as a Tweet. Messages will flow to Twitter from LinkedIn, but not vice versa.

Google + Events are Here!

  • While Facebook has added many new features that were first available on Google+, it is now Google+’s turn to adopt a feature from Facebook: Events. The new Google+ Events fills a void that platform was previously lacking. Users now have the ability to create and share events on Google+, and the Events sync with Google Calendar, making it easy for event organizers to manage attendance.

  • TIP: You can invite attendees to Google+ Events by email – even if they do not use Google+!