How Do Digital Marketing Agencies Work?

November 1, 2018

Good digital marketing agencies design and deliver programs and campaigns based on their clients goals and objectives.

Great digital marketing agencies can demonstrate marketing ROI to their clients on a regular basis.

In order to see results at the finish line, you have to train and follow a plan. That plan is the proven process.

And we think our proven process is…kind of a big deal, similar to Ron Burgundy.

What’s a Proven Process And Why Is It A Big Deal?

A proven process is step-by-step, systematic, coordinated approach to delivering inbound marketing programs. Our proven process is documented and followed by everyone on the team to ensure that goals, deadlines and budget demands are met. Documenting and following our proven process keeps quality high, and missteps to a minimum. It’s our roadmap to success!

It’s also a great way to set expectations with our clients, and onboard new team members.

Here is the Hivehouse Digital Proven Process:

Why Work With Vendors With A Proven Process?

An agency with a proven process has been around the block. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they’ve refined delivery of their digital marketing materials for optimum results. A proven process will also keep your project from the dreaded scope creep – something really important for a company on a budget.

If you work with a marketing agency with a proven process you’ll get:

  • Higher accountability
  • More obvious ROI
  • Higher quality creative
  • Better results

When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency: Ask These Questions

If you’re thinking about hiring an agency, here are some questions to ask about their process:

  • Do you have a documented proven process?
  • Is it followed by all of your team?
  • How will your proven process benefit our company and help us reach our goals?
  • Can you provide us with examples of clients you’ve helped? (testimonials, case studies, etc.)

Bottom line: Having a proven process ensures that your agency is accountable to results.

Ron Burgundy agrees with us:


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