What to Expect When Expecting a B2B Website From Hivehouse

February 26, 2024

Building a modern, fast, and marketable B2B website is a major endeavor. It takes a combination of marketing expertise, back-end development technical know-how, and high-level design, UX, and copywriting talent. At Hivehouse Digital, we bring all that wrapped in a unique process that will not only give your website and business a leg up in the ultra-competitive B2B world but it’ll also be a smooth and enjoyable experience along the way. Hard to believe? Keep reading to find out what to expect when expecting your B2B website from Hivehouse. 

TLDR: Why You Should Develop Your B2B Website With Hivehouse

  • You need pricing up front, right now. 
  • You need a website that is easily flexible and customizable for your fast paced-business
  • You’re in a B2B industry like manufacturing, professional services, or construction
  • You want to work with a collaborative team with branding and digital marketing experience
  • You want to transform your website into a lead-generation machine
  • You need an agency that respects your timeline and gets things done

Our B2B Website Development Process

Plenty of things can go wrong during a website’s development. After roughly 15+ years of developing B2B websites, we’ve identified the “problem children” and found ways to eradicate them. Okay, that sounds bad. Our years of experience have allowed us to avoid common issues like way-too-long development times or inaccessible websites and build a process that prevents them from popping up in the first place. 

“We bring big business experience to small and mid-sized companies,” says Emily Hanes, our Visual Designer and Project Manager who leads our website development projects. “Our cumulative experience allows us to foresee potential issues and raise flags before they happen. That way we’re not wasting time but instead setting better expectations for the client as far as what they need to give us and what they receive in return.” 


It’s built on collaboration. A lot of digital marketing agencies will attempt to prescribe you a solution — at Hivehouse what we like to do is work with you, understand your business, and what you want to get out of your website. It takes a couple of meetings to set expectations, determine goals, and do other things along those lines. We get it. No one likes meetings, but we try to make it fun, and we’re all better off in the long run. 

“One of the biggest things we do is create checkpoints throughout the whole process,” says Emily. “So, it’s not like we do the discovery and then come back with a final product. We are continuously touching base with the client to make sure we are on the same page the whole time.” 


Here, we dive into your competitors, industry, brand, and audience to get an understanding of every element of your digital presence. From there, we find gaps and opportunities to make your website really stand out. 

“Primarily, what we want to understand is what’s happening within the company,” Emily explains. “What are their goals, their strategies, and how does that reflect on the website? And then on the flip side of things, what is happening in their industry? What are their competitors doing, and how can we do it differently or better?” 

For the more lead-driven businesses, we also offer inbound marketing services, which leverage a host of tools, content, and strategies to optimize your website for search engines — making it more Google-able and bing-able. 


We get a lot of compliments on this. We stick to a strict timeline that’s built for your business. Tired of agencies taking too long to work on your stuff? When it comes to websites, it’s usually us waiting on you. We’re that efficient. Our Roadmap is one of the biggest keys to delivering websites on time. 


After outlining a foolproof plan from every angle, we execute it. Our team of website developers, graphic designers, copywriters, SEO experts, and marketing strategists get down to work. 

Analyze & Optimize

Sometimes, clients just want a website kicked off, up and running. As hard as it is to see our babies leave the nest on their own, we also have clients that stick around at home, letting our team analyze what’s working and what’s not and finding ways to optimize lead generation, SEO, sales enablement, and more marketing tactics. While it may be looked down upon in society, staying at home (or at the Hive) leads to more business, more opportunities, and better brands. 

What We Deliver

Customizable, Robust, and Accessible Websites

Some websites are endless colanders of indecipherable spaghetti code and other websites are cookie-cutter templates. At Hivehouse, we’ve found a happy medium recipe that works best for busy businesses. We create websites that allow you to quickly customize and update your own website, with back-end wizardry that allows a level of customization that showcases your brand with a modern, fast, and responsive website. 

Transparent Pricing

Is there anything worse than getting 15 minutes deep into any sort of internet quiz, check-out process, or trial and having the price dropped on you like an Acme anvil? No, there’s not. That’s why, at Hivehouse we’re very open about our pricing. It’s all right here. You know how in movies, cool guys will slide dollar amounts on napkins across the table? That’s us. We’re the cool guys. 

Industry Experience

We’re experts in B2B construction, manufacturing, and professional services industries such as accounting and IT. This means we’re familiar with these audiences, their wants, how to market to them, and creating full-fledged marketing strategies and campaigns to attract and delight these folks. Speaking of which…

Marketing Expertise

Your website isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s the most important piece of digital marketing. If you’re hoping to generate business from your website, it’s imperative to create a website with thoughtful marketing and branding behind it. Sure, you could try it yourself. Or you could leave it to the experts.

Not to mention, website development is just one piece of the marketing puzzle we build here; check out our other services that’ll turn your website and more into a lead-generating machine. 

We Get Stuff Done!

Our timelines, checkpoints, and overall attention to detail allow us to finish website development on time. 

“What we’ve heard is that projects are efficient; we get stuff done,” says Emily. “Typically, other agencies can turn into a black hole of execution.”

Don’t Be Shy, Let’s Talk

From website hosting to full website development, we can help you build a website that represents your business and is designed to meet your marketing and sales goals — all with a smooth process, defined timeline, and on budget. Schedule a consultation with our team to find out if Hivehouse is right for you.

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