4 B2B Newsletter Examples That Are Killing It

April 6, 2022

Remember that old newsletter you grabbed when leaving a church or a PTA meeting? Everyone had a paper newsletter back in the day. They were great for sharing everything from upcoming events to beef stroganoff recipes.


That old-fashioned-beef-stroganoff newsletter is long gone and in its place is a digital upgrade that still delivers quite a punch, minus the paper cuts. Here are a few examples of high-performing B2B newsletters that have been directly linked to influencing sales and delighting customers and employees alike.

Company Newsletter #1:

HOH – “Where Water Works”

HOH Water Technology Sample Newsletter

This was their first B2B newsletter. Right now, it’s going out to their entire database including employees. The goal is to drive traffic to their website content and promote their upcoming events.

What it’s doing right

  • Great opening letter from their President/CEO
  • Using animation & custom photography to help drive interest
  • That is a sexy design for a newsletter if we do say so ourselves
  • Employees are delighted when they are recognized



Company Newsletter #2:

New Eagle Quarterly eNews

New Eagle Sample Newsletter

The quarterly newsletter is meant to share company headlines and news. The goal here was to stay in front of customers and prospects to share the biggest highlights from New Eagle.

What it’s doing right

  • It’s always on-brand – you can’t miss that classic burgundy color!
  • It’s flexible. Your newsletter doesn’t need to have the same sections every month. Only highlight the most important information in your newsletter.
  • It promotes upcoming events so New Eagle can connect with their audience in person.

Company Newsletter #3:

GCI Consultants -“Everything Building Envelope”

GCI Consultants Sample Newsletter

This monthly newsletter allows GCI Consultants to stay connected with their newsletter subscribers and clients. The goal is to drive traffic to their website and highlight news from the company so they always stay top of mind.

What it’s doing right:

  • Highlights company core values. Not only does the company spotlight employees, but they talk about how they exemplify one of their core values.
  • Distributing lots of content. Newsletters are a great way to share your blogs, case studies, and more with your audience.
  • A/B testing. GCI uses the HubSpot A/B testing feature to deliver the email to a portion of the list. After a few hours, it sends the winning test out to the rest of the list so they can send the best-performing version!

Company Newsletter #4:

Medical Advantage Monthly NewsletterMedical Advantage Sample Newsletter

Finally, we have Medical Advantage’s monthly b2b newsletter. The goal of this newsletter is to drive traffic and get the readers to click on their content. This newsletter is packed full of helpful content curated for its target audience.

What it’s doing right

  • It starts off with relevant content offers and the most recent blog posts
  • For those who prefer audio, the team shares the most recent podcast episode to share content.
  • It contains relevant and important industry news

How To Make An Effective B2B Newsletter

Here are a few quick tips to help you launch your company newsletter. Remember, if you’re stuck on what kind of content to provide, the easiest thing to do is to source your blog articles or any content you’ve already created and treat your newsletter as a “round-up” for those things. This is one of the easiest ways to distribute your content!


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Tips For Newsletter Subject Line & Copywriting

You can put together an amazing newsletter, but if nobody opens it, you’ve wasted your time. Write an engaging subject line that is both brief and leaves a little mystery. Try for 3-5 words, and use verbs! Also, try using emojis if that’s on-brand for you.

It’s best to keep your copy short and sweet. Instead of delivering a CVS receipt of text, ask your readers to click off to read more about a particular subject or topic. Just tease the external content and send them to your landing pages, website, social media platforms, etc. Provide clear call-to-action buttons for them to click through.

As an inbound marketing agency, we love a good A/B test. If your email provider offers it, try A/B testing your subject lines, call-to-action buttons, and other content to see what your audience likes best. Never be afraid to change something up and see how it performs!

Tips For B2B Newsletter Design

First, start with a clean and organized layout. A one-column layout will render well on mobile, which nowadays is how most of your visitors will see your newsletter. If you’re using two columns, make sure your imagery and copy stack appropriately on the mobile view. If you’re using HubSpot, they provide an easy-to-use tool that will help you visualize how it will look on mobile.

Next, your newsletter should be easy to scan, so make sure you create a visual hierarchy by using headings and subheadings.

Most importantly, a B2B newsletter showcases engaging imagery (but not too much) to get the reader’s attention. Your images should be compartmentalized with your text to achieve that clean layout we mentioned earlier. And whenever possible, try to use videos/gifs to create greater interest and engagement!

Tips For Sending Your B2B Newsletter

Before you hit send, remember your audience. They’re likely inundated with other emails and newsletters from various places.

We recommend starting out with a quarterly newsletter and measuring your engagement as you go. Some clients stick with a quarterly B2B newsletter, while others have a monthly newsletter.

If you’re just getting started with your newsletter, you won’t have any benchmark data. So we recommend following HubSpot’s advice and sending out midweek between 8-10 AM to match the typical B2B office employee’s routine.

Once you have some data for open rates and click-through rates, you can adjust your frequency and send times.

Get Started With A B2B Newsletter Template

Thousands of companies are using newsletters as a low-effort, high-reward way to stay in front of customers and prospects. Are you one of them? If not, contact us for help. We can design a newsletter template and so you can get off the sidelines and into those inboxes to engage with your customers and employees!

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